Fan milk Limited was founded by a Danish entrepreneur by name Erik Emborg, the company was incorporated on 7th January 1960. The company name was changed from Ghana Milk Company to Fan Milk Limited at an extraordinary General Meeting held on 26th March, 1962, through a special resolution. Due to the prosperity and good prospect of the company, on 2nd September, 1969, the shareholders passed a resolution to convert the company to a public limited liability company and increase authorized shares from 30,000 to 470,000.

Fan Milk Limited was the first foreign invested company in Ghana to become a Public Limited Liability in 1967 and among the first Companies to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange in 1990. In November 1990, the company did its provisional listing and finally had its formal listing on October 18, 1991.

Fan Milk Limited is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of dairy products and fruit drinks. The Company’s products belong to two categories: milk-based, and fruit-based. Its milk-based products consist of a range of ice cream and yoghurts and include such brands as FanYogo (yoghurt), FanChoco (chocolate), as well as FanIce and FanGold (ice cream). The Company’s fruit-based products include Tampico, a citrus fruit drink, and its iced lollies

  • ISIN Code: GH0000000078
  • Issued Shares: 116,207,288
  • Authorised Shares: 20,000,000
  • Registrars: NTHC Limited
  • Location: No 1. Dadeban Road, North industrial area, Accra
  • Address: P.O. Box 6460, Accra Ghana
  • Telephone: 030 222 4421, 030 222 7726
  • Fax: 0302 221951
  • Email:
  • Website: 



Previous Price4.5
Trading Price4.51
Price Change0.01
Shares Traded3,600
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