Produce Buying Company Ltd. is the major licensed buying company involved in the internal marketing of cocoa. Currently, the company controls about 40% of the market share in the cocoa purchasing business. Produce Buying Company (PBC) evolved from the Produce Department of the Ghana Cocoa (Marketing) Board. It was incorporated as the Produce Buying Division Limited on November 13th, 1981 as a 100% state-owned enterprise and a subsidiary of Ghana Cocoa Board. It was granted certificate to commence business on November 18th, 1981. By a special resolution of its Board of Directors, the name was changed to Produce Buying Company Limited on October 27th, 1983. The Haulage Unit which was also a Unit in Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board and was responsible for cocoa evacuation was added to the new Company.

It was in September 1999 that full autonomy status was granted to Produce Buying Company to be known as Produce Buying Company Ltd and incorporated as a Public Limited Liability Company under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 175). In May 2000, the Company was listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. It is worth noting that PBC Ltd is still the only listed Licensed Buying Company (LBC) on the Stock Exchange. 

The Company operates in two business segments marketing and haulage, the marketing segment is engaged in the sale of cocoa beans whiles the haulage segment engages in transporting of cocoa beans. It buy, collect, store, transport or otherwise deal in cocoa, coffee, shea nuts and shea butter produced in Ghana, and to sell same to the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board.

  • ISIN Code: GH0000000169
  • Issued Shares: 480,000,000
  • Authorised Shares: 20,000,000,000
  • Registrars: NTHC Limited
  • Location: Dzorwulu Junction. Achimota Road. Accra
  • Address: Private Mail Bag
  • Telephone: 030 277 9015, 030 277 8063
  • Fax: 030 277 9014
  • Email: info@pbcgh.com
  • Website: www.pbcgh.com
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