Unilever traces its roots to as far back as 1787 when two Europeans namely Swanzy and King came to Gold Coast and their businesses later developed to form the core of United Africa Company of Gold Coast in 1931.

Unilever Ghana was born on July 14, 1992 when two Unilever PLC subsidiaries, UAC Ghana Limited, known for its marketing and distribution competence, and Lever Brothers Ghana Limited which is strong in manufacturing, merged to form the current company Unilever. The company was listed provisionally on the Ghana Stock Exchange on November 12, 1990 and officially on August 23th 1991.

Unilever Ghana manufactures and markets three broad categories of products under Foods, Home Care and Personal Care categories. Some of their leading brands include BlueBand Margarine, Lipton, Royco, Annapurna Salt, Omo, Key Soap, Pepsodent, Close-Up, Lux, Geisha, and Sunlight.

  • ISIN Code: GH0000000219
  • Issued Shares: 62,500,000
  • Authorised Shares: 100,000,000
  • Registrar: Universal Merchant Bank
  • Location:  Lever Brothers Factory, Heavy Industrial Area Tema, Accra.
  • Address:  P.O Box 721, Tema-Accra
  • Telephone: 030 321 8247/ 030 321 8258/ 030 321 8248
  • Website: www.unileverghana.com





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