Benso Oil Palm Plantation limited is a Ghana –based company engaged in the producing and processing of crude palm oil. BOPP was incorporated on January 22, 1976 jointly by Unilever PLC and the Government of Ghana (GOG) as a private company limited by shares to produce Crude Oil (CPO) in Ghana.

The nature of business the company is authorized to carry on include: Growing of oil palm and other agricultural products, Processors of oil palm fruits to produce palm oil and palm kernels and Dealers and traders in palm oil, palm kernels and other agricultural products and was converted into the public limited liability and listed on the exchage on April 16 2004.

Benso Oil Plantation is involved in the manufacturing of Oil palm production and processing. Its produces oil such as RBD Palm Oil, RBD Palm Olein, and vegetable oil mills and control a large part of the market in West Africa. It’s also involved in the refinery of fats and oils Refining and blending. The company is in the possession of patented technology to convert wasted food into nutritious food. In 2011, Benso Oil Palm Plantation Ltd became a subsidiary of Wilmar Africa Limited.

  • ISIN Code: GH0000000581
  • Issued Shares:34.800,000
  • Authorised Shares:50,000,000
  • Registrars: NTHC Limited
  • Location: Adum Banso Estate
  • Address: P. O. Box 470, Takoradi.
  • Telephone: 030 268 0061-69, 030 268 0079   
  • Fax: 030 268 0081, 030 268 0083         
  • Email:            
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