Intravenous Infusions Limited (IIL) was incorporated in 1969 and began operations in 1974 as the first pharmaceutical company producing intravenous fluids in Ghana. The main business activity of IIL is the production of intravenous infusions for therapeutic purposes. Intravenous infusion therapy, commonly called IV, refers to the administration of fluids, drugs, or blood directly into the circulatory system through a vein. The benefits of this therapy are as follows: to add fluid volume to the circulatory system when there is an imbalance or depletion of normal body fluids. This may occur either by blood loss or burns;to establish and maintain life support for an accident victim whose condition is unstable;and to provide an access for the administration of other vital medication 

  • ISIN Code: Gh0000001258
  • Issued Shares:  226.62mil
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  • Registrars: Share Registry, Gcb Bank Limited, Head Office-Accra
  • Location:  Plot 4/7 Block L, Effiduase, Koforidua, Eastern Region
  • Address:     P. O. Box KF 63, Koforidua - Ghana
  • Telephone:  034 220 2014 / 034 202 0151
  • Fax:    034 202 0125
  • Email: info@intravenousinfusionsltd.com
  • Website:  www.intravenousinfusionsltd.com
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